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"Creating the Balance Within"

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A Naturopathic Healer can help you remove blockages, heal naturally, and create a balance within through energy healing.
(Regularly priced $89 per session)

(1) 60 minute session.. $75
(2) 60 minute session.. $140
(3) 60 minute session.. $ 195


Thai massage is a more energizing and rigorous than the classic massage. We use our knees, hands, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches.

(Regularly priced $129 per session.)

(1) 90 minute session.. $109 

(2) 90 minute session.. $209

(3) 90 minute session.. $300


Pamper yourself with a 30 minute neck and back massage and a 30 minute customized facial. End this session with an exfoliating hand& foot scrub and a skin softening hand and foot paraffin treatment.

(Regularly priced $129 per session)

(1) 80 minute session.. $109

(2) 80 minute session.. $209

(3) 80 minute session.. $300


Today's fast paced society lends itself to quick, easy-to-fix foods full of preservatives and other chemicals. Detoxification diet intends to flush the toxin build-up of the body. Results can include clearer skin, more energy, increased metabolism, and digestion improvement.

(1) 30 Day Alkaline Herbal                   Detox..$99 Kit includes:

-Self Assessment 
-15 DAY Parasite Herbal Detox Supplements 
-15 Day Mucous and Organ Detox Herbal Supplements 
-Lamenated Alkaline-Mucous Free Food Chart 
-Seamoss for nutrients and immune support 
-Mid Detox Assessment 
-Lots of great recipes 
-Web and App Group support -Aftercare and Maintenance Program 
-Plant based cooking class opportunities 
-Consultation for plant based meal support and delivery. 
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